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Grant-Writing Service Agreement

  1. This Agreement is made on between:(CLIENT) , and Dewlyn LLC (CONSULTANT). 
  1. SCOPE OF SERVICES: The following services are available:

II. (a) Standard Proposal – Fee $2,400. Standard proposals include Project Development, a Proposal Narrative, Program Budget, a Funding and Partnership Templates, an Online Grant Application Template  (customized to CLIENT's program), along with a grant strategy and tutorial. 

  1. Project Development: Our proposal writing services includes consultation, where we will brainstorm with you to determine feasible ideas for your project; lend our expertise for project development; and, help you form a solid project direction. 
  2. Standard Proposal Narrative: Your proposal narrative will include (1) Organizational background, (2) Governance, (3) Statement of Need, (4), Program Description, (5) Target Population, (6) SMART Goals, (7) Measurement and Evaluation, and (8) Sustainability Statement.  Typically, 20-25 typed pages.
  3. Program Budget: We will help you create a program budget template with expenses listed based on best practices.  You may use the budget created as your own or work with your board to further refine and approve it after your revisions.  CONSULTANT does not create organizational budgets for standard proposals; however, we will consult with CLIENT on this and offer guidance.
  4. Templates:  CONSULTANT will develop a Letter of Inquiry (LOI), Sponsorship Request, Partnership Request, Statement of Contribution, and Donor Thank You template tailored to CLIENT's program that can be used multiple times to pursue grant funding or partnerships.
  5. Online Grant Application Template: CONSULTANT will develop a Common Grant Application template that covers a number of questions that CLIENT will likely encounter when applying for grants online.  Although grant applications vary widely, our Common Grant Application is designed to “give you the answers” to many of the questions that you are likely to encounter on entry level online grant applications.  
  6. Grants and Post Support: When Client receives the final proposal package, CLIENT will receive a list of 10 or more grant-making foundations that fund programs in your profile category. CLIENT will also receive access to the Community Heroes online Discovery Plus program for 30 days. 

II. (b) International Proposals - $2,800. Includes everything listed in the Standard Proposal (above). 

II. (c) Premium Proposal – Fee $2,800. Premium Proposals include everything offered with the standard proposals.  In addition, Premium Proposals include an Abstract, Program Implementation schedule, Program Timeline, Marketing & Outreach Plan, Statement of Need (Cost of Inaction analysis), Program Risk Assessment, Budget Narrative.  Premium proposals are typically 30-40 typed pages.

II. (d) Custom Grant-Writing – Fee starts at $2,400. Select this option when you have a specific grant that you would like to apply for. This is  not a proposal, rather it is a very detailed grant application, often for high-level funders, or local government funders. This option includes research and grant-writing, and the upload of the grant application using the funders grant portal. Available services for this option are customized to respond to funder request for proposal requirements.  Custom Proposals begin at $2,400 and are quoted based on request details.

II. (e) Government Grant-Writing - City and County Grants Fee: $2,400. State Grants Fee: $3,000.  Federal Grants: start at $3,600, please contact us for a quote.  Select this option when you have a specific government grant that you would like to apply for. This is not a foundation or corporate level proposal, rather it is a very detailed single grant application.  This option includes research and grant-writing, and the upload of the application using the government funders grant portal. Available services for this option are customized to respond to funder request for proposal requirements. 

II. (f) Additional Proposals

As a part of your organizational background, we will summarize all of your programs at no additional cost.  However, if you would like an additional full proposal for another program, the fee is $1,500.  Each full program proposal requires its own research for Statement of Need, Target Population, Program Description, and budget. 

II. (g) Consultation and Meetings

As a part of your proposal package, you will receive 3 courtesy bi-weekly consultation meetings (up to 90 minutes each). This includes (1) your initial consultation where CONSULTANT will brain-storm your project, discuss your program and services, and your budget in detail, (2) meeting 2, for a discussion of your proposal draft, and (3) meeting 3, to close-out grant-writing and provide detailed guidance for using the proposal document. Following meeting 3, CLIENT will receive 30 days access to the Community Heroes Discovery Plus program that is designed to offer CLIENT support in completing applications independently.  Client must sign up for this complimentary membership within 90 days of this Agreements's binding date.  ALL consultation meetings must be scheduled (and attended) within 120 days of the Binding agreement date.  After 120 days, consultations may be scheduled at CONSULTANT's normal consultation hourly rate. Should client schedule a meeting and fail to attend or provide 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule, this "no show" will be counted as one of CLIENT's 3 meetings.  Barring urgent questions that necessitate an immediate response, we ask that you hold all questions for our scheduled meeting appointments where you will have CONSULTANT's undivided attention. 

II. (h) Additional Consultation Sessions

For CLIENTS that wish to have additional one-on-one sessions with us concerning your proposal or for nonprofit matters that do not concern the proposal project, we offer consultation at a reduced rate of $120 per hour during the contract period and up to 30 days after the delivery of the final proposal draft.  Thereafter, our normal consultation rate per hour applies.  

Additional Services are invoiced separately.

II. (i) Revisions

(a) Included Revisions: Following the delivery of the initial grant proposal draft, CLIENT may request up to two (2) rounds of revisions without additional charges. These revisions should be communicated within 5 business days of receiving the draft.

(b) Scope of Revisions: The included revisions cover modifications to content, rephrasing, and adjustments to align with CLIENT feedback. Fundamental changes to the project's direction or new information after the initial meeting will be considered "outside the scope of included revisions" and may necessitate additional fees.

(c) Additional Revisions: Should CLIENT require further revisions beyond the included two rounds, or after the 5-business day period, these will be billed separately at CONSULTANT's standard hourly rate.

(d) Turnaround Time: The estimated turnaround time for amending the proposal is 7 business days for each round of revisions. Delays in receiving feedback or additional information from CLIENT may result in an extended turnaround time.

(e) Final Approval: After the second round of revisions, or any additional rounds as may be agreed upon, CLIENT is expected to provide a final approval. Following this, any further modifications will fall under the "Additional Revisions" policy and be subject to additional charges.

(f) CONSULTANT's Delivery Process:  CONSULTANT will not begin work to complete the final draft of the proposal until (1) revisions are received and (2) all payments have been made bringing CLIENT's balance owing to $zero.  

II. (j) Disclosures

The CONSULTANT possesses extensive experience in grant-writing. As of 2023, Dewlyn Nonprofit Services has incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid in the research, drafting, and proofreading of nonprofit grant proposals. This is executed through bespoke AI prompts which are tailored to each specific proposal. Although AI serves as a valuable tool, proficient and responsible utilization, especially in the domain of grant-writing, necessitates a high degree of skill. Therefore, the CONSULTANT remains the principal writer of record for grant proposals generated by our company.

II. (K) Proposal Purpose

CLIENT is aware that CONSULTANT works with small nonprofit organizations that have not achieved their funding goals yet.  As such, CONSULTANT does not prepare standard grant proposals to seek funding for land, buildings, or sums over $250,000, as entry level funding typically starts at a much lower amount until such funding can be leveraged.  Also, ClLIENT's organizational and program budget determines the amount of funding that should be sought. The chief aim of proposal writing under this Agreement is to position Client's nonprofit organization to pursue grant funding. However, CLIENT may use the grant proposal to pursue multiple sums of grant funding at CLIENT'S own discretion.


Grant-Proposal Selected:  

This Agreement shall serve as CLIENT’s written permission for CONSULTANT to research and complete grant application templates on behalf of CLIENT during the term of this Agreement, this includes the following funding opportunities:



Grant Name:    

Grantor website:   

Application Deadline:   



Grant Name:    

Grantor website:   

Application Deadline:   


Quoted Fee: 


  1. COMPENSATION: CONSULTANT shall be compensated for time spent. This may include researching, writing and delivering the selected grant proposal and applying for the above listed funding opportunities (if applicable). CONSULTANT has not made, nor shall CONSULTANT be liable for delivering any other services under this Agreement. Once CONSULTANT has rendered services as promised under this Agreement, CONSULTANT’s obligations under this AGREEMENT shall be deemed fulfilled and complete. Unless otherwise stipulated, all services require a minimum deposit of $600 for Standard Proposals and a minimum deposit of $800 for International, Premium, Custom, and Government Grant-Writing services. CLIENT agrees to compensate CONSULTANT for services rendered with final payments due on or before the delivery of the initial proposal draft. 

Payment Plan Options for the Standard Proposal ($2,400): Should CLIENT choose to pay in installments, the following 90-day payment schedule will be in place:

III. (a) Payment Schedule: Deposit ($600): Due within 10 days from the date of this binding Agreement. Installment One ($600): Due on the date of the initial project development meeting. Installment Two ($600): Due 5 days prior to the delivery of the proposal draft. Installment Three ($600): Due 5 days prior to the delivery of the final proposal. 

III. (b) Delivery Timeline: The final proposal can be delivered within 4-6 weeks from the Agreement date. The exact delivery date hinges on consistent meetings between CLIENT and CONSULTANT, prompt submission of necessary information, and timely payment of installments. In order to ensure timely payments are made within a 90 day period, there shall not be more than a 30 day lapse between each installment.

III. (c) Automatic Termination: If CLIENT fails to make the initial deposit within 10 days of the binding Agreement date, or Settle any of the installment payments for 10 consecutive days after its due date, this Agreement will be automatically terminated.

III. (d) Termination of this Agreement: Termination of this Agreement does not relieve CLIENT of monies owed for services rendered under this agreement. There shall be no refunds for services rendered or monies paid.


Special Stipulations: 


  1. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: All parties acknowledge that the services rendered under this Agreement shall be offered by CONSULTANT as an independent contractor. It is expressly understood that there is no material relationship between the parties and this is not a joint venture. CONSULTANT is responsible for the payment of all federal, state, and local income taxes for earnings under this Agreement; likewise, CLIENT is responsible for reports and reporting to Grantors and/or the Internal Revenue Service for funding received as a result of CONSULTANT’S efforts under this Agreement.
  2.  COMMUNICATION: CONSULTANT and CLIENT recognize and agree to openly communicate during the term of the Agreement. The performance of tasks necessitates communication and a regular exchange of information between the parties and with the funder; and, a delay in completing tasks may occur if there are delays in exchanging information. CLIENT also understands that they are responsible for any acknowledgments and reports due to funders (pre and post award).
  3. CONFIDENTIALITY: All parties agree to adhere to strict confidentiality practices and to provide each other with their best efforts in the fulfillment of this Agreement.
  4. LICENSE AND RE-USE:  Upon receipt of the final grant proposal and conclusion of this Agreement, CLIENT shall have unrestricted use of the grant proposal and may republish multiple copies in whole or in part for grant-seeking purposes. CONSULTANT may also republish copies of the proposal in whole or in part for commercial, training or educational use, provided that CONSULTANT removes any and all of CLIENT’s identifying information before use.
  5. GUARANTEES:  CONSULTANT shall use all available resources at CONSULTANT’s disposal to perform services as agreed, and this includes AI assistive technology in the research and writing of the proposal. CLIENT agrees to provide CONSULTANT with access to all available organization resources, reports, and financial data to support CONSULTANT’s efforts to complete this service request. However, CONSULTANT does not promise and does not guarantee that CLIENT will receive a funding award even after both party’s best efforts. Payment for services rendered is due even if CLIENT does not submit the proposal or does not receive a grant. It is important to note that grant proposals and applications succeed or fail for several reasons, most of which are out of any grant writer’s control. Among these are: (1) the strength of the project, it’s feasibility, and whether it meets a clear community need and is well planned; (2) how well the project fits the funder’s interests; (3) the nonprofit’s reputation, track record and financial history; (4) relationships regarding how well the funder knows and trusts the nonprofit’s board and staff; (5) competition, regarding how many other requests the funder has received and from whom; (6) funds and timing, how much money the funder has available in the funding cycle; and, (7) the state of the economy and the funder’s finances – whether they have assets that are growing or shrinking.
  6. DEFAULT: All parties agree that default of this agreement happens when one or both parties fail to keep their covenant under the Agreement. Should CONSULTANT default under this agreement, CLIENT shall be entitled to an immediate remedy (i.e. correction of default). CLIENT shall notify CONSULTANT of default within 5 business days of the occurrence of any default. CONSULTANT shall have 5 business days after receiving notice from CLIENT to cure the default.  Should CONSULTANT fail to correct the default within 5 business days, CLIENT shall be entitled to a reimbursement of money paid for that service, and this Agreement shall terminate with no further obligation from either party.Should CLIENT default under this agreement, CONSULTANT shall notify CLIENT of default within 5 business days of the occurrence of the default. CLIENT shall have 5 business days to correct the default, during which time, all services will cease.  Should CLIENT fail to correct the default within 5 business days, CONSULTANT may terminate this agreement and discontinue services altogether.  Additionally, if CLIENT default is not remedied within 5 business days of notice, there shall be no refunds of money paid or other obligations due from CONSULTANT.  Should CLIENT default on payments due after services have already been rendered, all remaining payments owed to CONSULTANT shall be due within 5 business days. 

 Attachments:  Exhibit A, Nonprofit Agency Questionnaire


X. Time is of the Essence: This Agreement is open for acceptance for 5 business days from the date it has been sent to Client's email address, and shall automatically expire at 6:00pm (EST) on the fifth business day if it has not been signed by the Client.


XI. Sole Agreement:  This Agreement is the sole Agreement between the parties, and shall begin on the effective day signed, and shall remain effective for 60 days or until the day CONSULTANT delivers the final grant proposal to CLIENT, along with the completed grant application template(s) promised in writing, whichever is sooner; at which time, services shall be deemed rendered.   This Agreement may be amended by means of a written statement signed and dated by both parties; and, it may be terminated by either party with written notice to the other party.  Termination of this Agreement does not relieve CLIENT of monies owed for services rendered under this agreement. There shall be no refunds for deposits or services rendered.



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