Heroes Award

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Heroes Award of up to $1,000 cash is given each month to start, continue, or increase social good in your community. 
Review program FAQs

The Award

Dewlyn Nonprofit Services is committed to improving social good by helping individuals, groups, and organizations that share this mission.  This funding opportunity is for those of you who are out there, on the ground, doing the hard work, reaching those in need, and changing the world around you in positive and meaningful way.

We Fund Social Impact

Positive social impact is created from an activity, project, program or policy.  Are you using your talents or expertise to help people, the community, the economy, or the environment? If you are doing something in your professional life that makes the world a better place, then you are a community hero and we want to hear from you!

Sponsorships & Grants

Cash Sponsorships fund a program, project, or event while also promoting the Community Heroes Program as your sponsor. You do not have to be a nonprofit to apply for sponsorship. Grants are given to help U.S. nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations fund a program or charitable event.  

Who’s Eligible

Community heroes are regular people, groups, organizations, or businesses that are contributing to social good in a positive and measurable way. Must be a Community Heroes member to apply. Not a member? Join now! It’s free to join!


The Community Heroes Academy!

It’s here!! – The Community Heroes Academy is a paid membership program where members can immerse themselves in a year of learning and growth.  Membership includes FREE access to ALL live webinars, on-demand training, coaching circles, monthly Q&A sessions, and forms and templates. Heroes Award application fees are also waived ALL YEAR.  The annual membership fee is $349. Learn more by viewing the video below!

EMAIL us at support@dewly.com or CALL us at (800) 446-0323

Thank you for your interest in this funding opportunity.  Let’s work together, focus on the possibilities, and change lives! Remember, our possibilities are endless, but our time on this planet is not. Make this life count!

More questions? Feel free to contact us and definitely review our FAQs page![/cs_content_seo]