Heroes FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions
Thank you for your interest in applying for the Heroes Award!  Before submitting an application, be sure to review the below FAQs to assess whether you are eligible.  Grant and sponsorship requests are accepted each month through our application portal. We will notify those who are selected directly within 30 days after the application deadline.  Award notices will also be posted on our website.  Please note: Faxed, mailed or emailed requests will not be considered.
We look forward to reading your funding request!

Q. What is the Heroes Award?
A. The Heroes Award is a cash award of up to $1,000 (per award) given each month for social entrepreneurs and nonprofits to start, continue, or increase social good in the community. 

Q. When did the Heroes Award program begin?
A. Applications for the Heroes Award will officially begin July 1 2020!  Our very first awards will be issued and posted on our website in August 2020.  We are super excited about this program and look forward to supporting communities across North America.  And, although the Heroes Award is new, we are not! 🙂 We were established in 2017 as a social enterprise company committed to furthering charitable missions.  The Community Heroes Newsletter has gone out to thousands of members every month since March 2018.  Read more about us here!

Q. Who can apply for a Heroes Award?
A. The Heroes Award was established to recognize and support everyday heroes that are contributing and/or creating positive social impact in communities across North America.
Eligible applicants:

Must be 18 years old or older.
Must be engaged in positive social impact in your community or have a feasible plan for a social impact project.
Must be a nonprofit organization (with 25 or fewer employees); Small businesses (with 1 – 25 employees); or Self-Employed, Independent Contractors or Gig workers (with verifiable business income in 2020).
Must have a website and/or social media accounts (i.e. Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram)

If you meet the above criteria, we encourage you to apply!

Q. How much is the Heroes Award?
A. Based on your request, the Heroes Award can be up to $1,000. Several awards may be given in a single month. 

Q. What is the difference between a Heroes Sponsorship and a Heroes Grant?
A. Heroes Sponsorships:  We award up to $1,000 cash to sponsor (or fund) a program, project, or event in North America that helps you promote social good while also promoting the “Community Heroes” program in your network. Sponsorship awards may be used to fund budgetary line items such as equipment, websites, banners, printing, supplies, travel, IRS 501(c)(3) application fees, etc.
Heroes Grants: We award grants to U.S. nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations only.  Based on your request, grants may be unrestricted and used to further your charitable mission.

Q. Why do you charge a fee for the Heroes Award application?
A. There is a standard application fee of $15. The fee makes the sponsorship and operation of the award process, (including program development, implementation, application review, marketing and advertising, etc.) possible.

Q. Is there a deadline to apply?
A. The deadline to apply for the Heroes Award is the 30th day of every month at 12:00pm. *The deadline for February applications is February 28th at 12:00pm.

Q. What are the funding restrictions?
A. Heroes Awards are given to advance programs, projects, events, or policies that further social good, which includes charitable programs.
We do not provide funding for:

Individuals, (i.e. personal stipends for applicants experiencing hardship, illness, or other personal needs).
Political candidates, committees, or organizations.
Public service agencies such as police and fire departments.
Applicants that discriminate against people on the basis of age, race, creed, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or national origin.

Q. How are winners selected?
A. Funding requests are reviewed by our (Heroes) Advisory Committee every month.  Winners are selected based on merit, feasibility, and conveyance of a compelling vision to further social good. Winners are notified by the end of the following month. 


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