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Grant-Writing Service Agreement

  1. This Agreement is made on between:(CLIENT) , and Dewlyn LLC (CONSULTANT). 


  1. SCOPE OF SERVICES: The following Organizational Development services are available:
    1. Establish Legal Nonprofit Entity (prepare and file articles of incorporation with secretary of state, prepare bylaws, apply for EIN. Once you receive your 501c3 IRS Determination Letter: Apply for State Tax Exemption and for your Georgia Charitable Organization permit): $1500
    2. Consultation is $175 per hour
    3. Grant writing fees are quoted based on grant 
    4. Business Plan Support, (incudes preparing financials, budgets, org chart): $1500
    5. Strategic Plan (Support): $750
    6. Establish Budget: $250 Organization / $150 program
    7. Create Org Chart: $150
    8. Create Website with 4 pages (secure domain name, host-site, and website that includes: Home, About Us, Services, Contact Us): Word Press: $1500, WIX $750
    9. Establish key partnerships (library system to hold meetings, identify industry affiliations, connect to fiscal agent): $250

CLIENT is requesting the following service(s) from CONSULTANT: 

  1. COMPENSATION: CLIENT agrees to compensate CONSULTANT for services rendered with final payments due upon receipt of the final product. In addition to the fees for services contained herein, CLIENT shall be responsible for providing or reimbursing CONSULTANT for the cost of postage, binding, copying and/or extraordinary travel expenses incurred while providing said services.
  2. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR: All parties acknowledge that the services rendered under this Agreement shall be offered by CONSULTANT as an independent contractor. It is expressly understood that there is no material relationship between the parties and this is not a joint venture.
  3. COMMUNICATION: CONSULTANT and CLIENT recognize and agree to openly communicate during the term of the Agreement. The performance of tasks necessitates communication and a regular exchange of information between the parties; and, a delay in completing tasks may occur if there are delays in exchanging information.
  4. CONFIDENTIALITY: All parties agree to adhere to strict confidentiality practices and to provide each other with their best efforts in the fulfillment of this Agreement.
  5. GUARANTEES: CONSULTANT shall use all available resources at CONSULTANT’s disposal to perform and complete all services as agreed. CLIENT agrees to provide CONSULTANT with access to all available organization resources, reports, and financial data to support CONSULTANT’s efforts to complete this service request. However, CONSULTANT does not promise and does not guarantee specific outcomes as a result of services rendered even after both party’s best efforts. Furthermore, payment for services completed and rendered (as requested) is due even if CLIENT decides not to make use of services rendered.



This Agreement is the sole Agreement between the parties and shall remain effective until .   This Agreement may be amended by means of a written statement signed and dated by both parties.  This Agreement may be terminated by either party with 14 days written notice to the other party.  There shall be no refunds for services rendered or monies paid.



Client Name:             Consultant:  Cheryl Smith
Title:             Title CEO
Business:             Business:  Dewlyn Capital Partners LLC
Address:             Address:

1300 Ridenour Blvd., Suite 100

Kennesaw, GA 30152

Office #:             Office #: 678-324-9633
Fax #:             Fax #: 678-324-9634
Email:             Email: 

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Signed On: February 6, 2019

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