Community Heroes

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Things We do   

Our team dedicates many hours each week researching grants in 5 core areas:  Arts & Culture, Community & Economic Development, Education, Human Services, and Social Justice/Advocacy.  We do this work because we understand that your success depends on adequate funding.  You improve our communities.  You invest your time, energy, and compassion for the children and families that you serve.  So, we want to keep you informed of the latest funding opportunities. It is our hope that you secure the funding you need so that your program thrives!

Things We Don't Do  

We do not control actual funding, or the grant-making foundation's website, application process, or online application portals. If you experience technical difficulties with submitting your grant application, you will need to contact the grant-making foundation directly.  We will always provide each foundation's contact information which can be used to assist you in getting specific questions answered or resolving technical issues when submitting  your application, proposals, or required documentation.

Join our Community Heroes program and get monthly grant notifications each month by email, along with resources to help you win your grants!

Our 5 core focus areas

This list is provided as an example, and in no way represents all fundable programs that exist today.

  1. Arts & Culture:  Emerging artists, lyricists& musicians, writers, theater,  and composers
  2. Education:  Youth development programs, STEM, mentoring &  tutoring, early education, K-12,  and after-school programs
  3. Community and Economic Development:  Workforce development, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, neighborhood preservation, and community revitalization
  4. Social Justice & Advocacy:  Social action and policy reform, civil and human rights, and education equality
  5. Human Services:  Hunger relief, homeless services and shelter, victims of crime, disaster relief, disabled, elderly, youth, children and families, and child-welfare

Let's work together, focus on the possibilities, and change lives!

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