DNS Grant-Writing Questionnaire

We'd Like to Get to Know You!

Thank you for your interest in grant-writing with Dewlyn Nonprofit Services. The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information about your nonprofit organization, capturing details that will aid in the grant-writing process. Please try to complete as much of the questionnaire as possible. If a question does not apply to you, simple select or type in "n/a."

About the Organization

A nonprofit organization is a type of legal entity. It's typically set up to focus on furthering a social cause or advocating for a shared point of view, rather than generating profits for owners or shareholders.
Please enter the full legal name
Only complete this if you have a legal D/B/A
If the physical address and mailing address are the same, please just enter "SAME."
You will be asked to provide additional information about your board members at a later date.

About Your Nonprofit Program(s)

A program refers to a specific initiative or project within a nonprofit organization. Programs are designed to address a particular aspect of the organization's mission. For instance, a nonprofit dedicated to environmental conservation might have a program specifically focused on reforestation, another on ocean cleanup, and yet another on educating the public about recycling. Each program will have its own set of activities, goals, and often, its budget within the larger organization.
If you are a newly formed nonprofit, please leave this field blank.

About Your Nonprofit Service(s)

This term is more specific and action-oriented. A service is an activity or set of activities that a nonprofit carries out to benefit its target group or further its mission. This could include providing food and shelter to the homeless, offering free legal advice to low-income individuals, or organizing workshops for skill development. Services are often, but not always, part of a nonprofit's program.
Do you conduct services in a physical location, online, or do you take a hybrid approach?

About Your Request for Funding

Your responses to the next set of questions will help Cheryl Smith understand where to place her focus for grant-writing.
IMPORTANT: Cheryl Smith will not prepare this grant proposal to seek funding over $250,000. Also, the organization and program budget determines the amount of funding that should be sought.