Grant Writing

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We provide flat rate pricing on the total cost of your project. Our flat rate to develop a grant proposal, research and identify grants, is $1,500. Government grants and custom applications are more complex and cost a little more.

How does it all work?

Our grant-writing services are pretty straight forward.  We work with you over a 6-week period to help you position your organization for funding.During our time together, we brain-storm with you on program strategy and we consult with you on a variety of issues that are important to your organization’s success.

The Grant-Proposal:

We prepare a grant proposal that can be used to further your mission in several ways:

Your organization history and services will be developed by experts. Use this content on your website to let your community know more about you.
The research we provide about the need for your services is current and credible. Use it to speak in public meetings about the importance of delivery of your services.
Your program methodology is logical and leads to measurable outcomes. Use this as your road map for service delivery.
Your Project description, target population, goals, evaluation, and budget are all linked. Use this to demonstrate to funders that you have a well-thought out plan.

Once your proposal is written:

We complete two grant applications for you to get you started. These applications will be your template for future applications. You will see how we respond to questions, which will help you respond in future applications!
We will also research and identify additional grant-makers that fund programs just like yours! Based on the grant package that you select; we’ll provide you with a list of mission-alignedopportunities that you can begin applying to right away.
Before we pass the baton to you, we’ll jump on a call with you and your volunteers and board to answer any questions that you have, then we’ll show you all how to properly apply for grants. Our goal is to ensure that you have the tools that you need to acquire funding.

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